The Davos Forum, also known as the World Economic Forum, which is a non-profit foundation, meets every year in Switzerland to debate and analyze fundamental questions concerning the planet. During this meeting, we count on the participation of business leaders, political leaders as well as the most important intellectuals and journalists involved on the international scene.

This year and as part of the “  future of jobs  ” report, the forum focused on the key skills of jobs by 2022. Among 16 skills, 10 soft skills emerged.
Soft skills put our humanity back in the spotlight (this is what distinguishes us from animals and machines).

  1. Solving complex problems . Computers can solve complicated problems, humans can solve complex problems (systemic interdependence of parameters).
  2. Critical thinking : reasoning correctly but also and above all, being able to doubt, to question statements.
  3. Creativity : ability to innovate, to change paradigm, to imagine new ways of doing things.
  4. People management : brings together all the soft skills linked to human management: employees are not machines that would be coordinated as Taylorism did with its “Scientific Work Organization”. People management is the soft skill that puts people back at the heart of organizational performance.
  5. Collaboration : the ability to work as a team and with other entities to strengthen the resolution of complex problems or creativity.
  6. Emotional Intelligence : the ability to understand and manage your emotions and do the same with your contacts.
  7. Analysis and decision making : soft skill to link with solving complex problems.
  8. Orientation towards service : taking care of the customer (internal or external), adapting, being open to those who are at the heart of the economic process.
  9. The meaning of negotiation : the ability to build something win-win from positions that are a priori radically opposed.
  10. Mental flexibility : knowing how to question yourself, coping with change, in short, having a brain whose neural plasticity plays a full part in continuing to learn to learn.

Davos was before the pandemic, but now, to face the health crisis, we believe that there are other soft skills to use.

  1. Adaptive Intelligence : being able to calmly adapt to any new, complex or unforeseen situation
  2. Stress management : also being able to make good decisions
  3. Behavior management : adapt your behavior to any situation
  4. Collaboration : commitment, agility, flexibility, performance, inclusion, competitiveness
  5. Support for change : helping employees to adapt to newness and complexity
  6. Motivation  : to have interest, the will to do what there is to do
  7. Active listening : questioning and reformulation, enrichment by the other
  8. Optimism : greatest successes

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