We seek to be as close as possible to the demands of small and medium-sized companies, with new approaches that could be used to consolidate, to consider a better future or to be aware of the knowledge of human behaviour in the company, leading to real progress that is as lucrative as it is effective.

Several examples of our interventions :

–           Helping to have motivated and committed employee
–          Make sure to motivate employees who work remotely
–          Navigating in uncertainty while remaining efficient
–          Moving from control to trust
–          Developing leadership, including self management
–          Developing collaboration
–          Follow a management/leadership path (6 to 9 months
–          Optimize the strategy
–           Individual and collective neurocognitive coaching
–           Manage conflicts and tensions

A few questions you may have:

–          What are you missing to make it better?

–          What’s bothering you at night?

–          Did you ever think about getting help?

–          Are you ready to welcome a competent counsellor for an analysis or a diagnosis?

–          How much time could you devote to talk with us about the tools or methods that we think would be useful for your progress?

–          Do you think it would be appropriate, in these troubled times, to spend money to see things more clearly?

Please take the time to answer these questions and contact us (tel +33 79 24 13 62, mw@trans-form.co) for an explanation of the tools and methods we use.


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